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Tucked away in a little courtyard in Kreuzberg, Voo Store was one of the stores that I had heard little about, but one which I was eager to know more about. Its premises - a former locksmith store - were extremely charming, and included a really nice cafe for hipsters to chill and chat about shit.

It might have been because it was the tail end of sale season, but I was quite unimpressed by the product lines that they carried. For the menswear side at least, there seemed to be more of an emphasis on lifestyle products like incense, candles and magazines (their range of magazines is fantastic), rather than the bread and butter of clothes and accessories. The labels I saw on offer included Acne and Henrik Vibskov, but for a store that prides itself on a balance of streetwear and high fashion, I found this really inadequate. Again, I might be unnecessarily harsh, because it’s the tail end of sale season, but that’s what I felt at that point in time.

Voo Store is located in a pretty out-of-the-way part of Kreuzberg, which means its not in the same area where the cluster of cool shops are. It’s also a little hard to get to. However, it does drip cool vibes, and if chilling in a cafe is your kind of jazz you might want to check it out.

Voo Store
Oranienstrasse 24
10999 Berlin 

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